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Greenville Sandblasted Signs

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Sandblasted signs are striking signs that businesses may consider if they want to make a lasting impact on their target market.

custom sandblasted monument sign

Sandblasted signs are one of the early types of business signs used by many businesses and companies to call people into their facility. They’re also used as a clean way to provide information to clients no matter what the weather is. To make these signs, a high-pressure stream of abrasive material would carve and clean the surface. Sandblasting highlights any sign message and gives a dimensional effect to help the sign stand out. It will also make the sign smoother, giving it a classic touch.

For your Greenville sandblasted signs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Liberty Signs, Inc. We are a trusted sign company that can make high-quality personalized sandblasted signs in any specification and style. If you are on a budget, you’ve got nothing to worry about because we do everything in-house, keeping our costs low and our services, top-notch.

Call Liberty Signs, Inc at (864) 210-1115 for your Free Consultation with a Greenville Sandblasted Sign expert!

Custom Wooden Signs

custom sandblasted wood sign

Liberty Signs, Inc creates beautiful and custom-crafted sandblasted signs using premium lumber like cedar and redwood. While premium wood is expensive for sandblasted signs, it provides a classic appeal that immediately catches people’s attention and gives them the impression that you are an established and trustworthy brand.

We use the latest sandblasting equipment and techniques to create natural patterns in the wood you choose for your signs. This ensures that the final product is seamless and adds to the lasting aura it gives to your brand.

Since wood does decay over time due to the elements and can be damaged by insects, we at Liberty Signs, Inc will take our time in picking the wood to be used for the signs. We will make sure that it is sturdy and protected through sanding, treatment, and coating before we install it in your business.

Durable and Affordable HDU Signs

custom carved sign

Although wood is great for sandblasted signs, it can get very brittle over time, especially if it is under the elements. Getting them replaced can also be difficult, especially if the wood used is very rare.

A great alternative to wood is high-density urethane (HDU). It is very lightweight and resistant to cracking and decay, especially when placed under the elements. HDU is also affordable and easy to procure, making it the ideal choice for sandblasting. For our Greenville sandblasted signs, we will sandblast them to have a textured surface that helps them stand out at any angle and weather condition. We can even add primers to protect it from weather damage.

Full-Service Sign Company

Sandblasted stone sign

At Liberty Signs, Inc, we don’t just do custom Greenville sandblasted signs for our clients in terms of its design. We do everything in-house, from designing the signs to getting them manufactured to your specifications and installed perfectly in your business. It is our goal to give you only the signs that you are happy with and signs that will help you achieve your targets.

Whether you have a design ready for sandblasting or you want to start from scratch, our sign experts will sit down with you to polish the design and get it manufactured perfectly to your requirements. Liberty Signs, Inc has a great team of designers, fabricators, and installers who will guide you through the process so you have a clear idea of how the signs will look and how we will work within your budget.

You can count on us to assist you with your signs, including maintenance and repairs. We are always here to help you and give you a personalized sign experience.

Free Sandblasted Sign Consultation

Greenville Sign Company Liberty Signs LogoHaving a sandblasted sign for your business can be a game-changer, especially if they are done perfectly to match your business’s personality and brand. Our Greenville, SC sign company is always ready to take on your project and help you see the benefits of having a sandblasted sign for your business.

Call Liberty Signs, Inc at (864) 210-1115 for your Free Consultation with a Greenville Sandblasted Sign expert!