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Foamcore Signs
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Greenville Foamcore Signs


When it comes to versatility, nothing can beat foam core signs. Any business can greatly benefit from these signs, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for an affordable way to promote their brand through signs that will last for a longer time compared to poster and cardboard signs.

promotional sign standing cutouts

Foamcore or foam board signs use dense polystyrene to serve as the core of the signs, while a sheet of vinyl or paper is glued to one side to display content. Foamcore is often used for architectural models, mounted prints, and business signs. Compared to poster or cardboard, foam core can last longer in the elements and is very sturdy to use.

Liberty Signs, Inc is a Greenville, SC sign company that has been assisting businesses in getting foam core signs that meet their needs. We design foam core signs based on the client’s requirements, and we provide suggestions and advice if the client doesn’t have a design in mind yet for their Greenville foam core signs.

If you’re interested, you can trust our team to customize effective foam core signs that you can reuse in the future.

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Cost-Effective Promotional Signs

If you are looking for cost-effective yet high-quality board signs, you have a lot of materials to choose from.

custom indoor hanging promotional bannerFor us, we recommend foam core signs for those who are on a budget but still want something easy to craft, replace, or update. At Liberty Signs, Inc, we know how expensive it is to have to constantly replace signs whenever there is a promotion. The old signs will only be wasted and be stuck lying around in your storage.

When we make custom Greenville foam core signs for your business, we ensure that you don’t have to constantly replace them to provide you with the impressions you need for any brand promotion, sales, and customer satisfaction. We can work with you to create a cohesive sign placement for your signs and help you install and maintain them for future events and promotions.

Our foam core signs work for both indoors and outdoors, especially as promotional signs, directional signs, identification signs, and wall signs. Let our sign experts know where you want these signs to be placed, and we will design and manufacture them to achieve the impact you need to achieve your goals.

Durable Temporary Signs

Not all business signs can be used for permanent use. Some signs are only used for promotional or seasonal activity and will not be used again. However, if you use foam core signs for these events and promotional activities, you won’t need to spend so much money to procure them and update them for any event you have for your business.

Custom hanging promotional signFoamcore signs are durable compared to cardboard or poster boards. It is also very affordable to produce. However, you must note that these signs do not fare well under the elements because of their nature. But, we at Liberty Signs, Inc can redesign the foamcore sign, use a stronger foamcore that lasts until you need them, and customize them to match your design.

Our sign experts will personalize them to promote your brand and messaging no matter how simple or complex the design you have for your foamcore signs.

Customizable Business Signs

Foamcore is very versatile to use and can be customized to match any design required by the business or company requesting for it to be used for their signs. When we receive your request for custom Greenville foamcore signs, we will visit your location to determine how these signs should be designed, who your target audience is and what design you want us to follow when we make it for you. If you have a design in mind, we can tweak it if necessary to help you achieve your intended impact with the signs. If you don’t have one yet, we can design it for you using all the information you provide us regarding your business.

custom promotional sidewalk signsIf the design we create or modified for you passes your standards, we will use our experience and equipment to make the foamcore signs. Since foam is acidic, we will use the latest techniques to minimize the possibility of chemical decomposition from destroying the signs. We will also cut and trim the foam boards smoothly so that they won’t be a risk for people while they are on display. You can also request a specialized finish for your signs for added protection and appeal.

Since foam boards have polystyrene cores, it makes them very lightweight and easy to display anywhere. They can also stand on their own or be mounted on an easel or stuck on the wall. We at Liberty Signs, Inc will work with your requirements and even work within your budget so you can request signs without worrying about your budget. Your investment in our signs will not be for naught because when you have our signs displayed, it will draw your target market to your business.

Full-Service Sign Company

We at Liberty Signs, Inc know everything there is to know about signs, allowing us to create personalized signs of any type and specification for our clients.

custom a-frame portable signWe understand that having effective and functional signage can help your business stay visible and improve the image people have about your brand and your offerings. Since we started in the industry, we have assisted many businesses in achieving their goals through the signage we made for them.

With us as your reliable and trusted sign company, you don’t have to worry about your signs because we do everything in-house. From designing your foamcore signs to having them installed and maintained, we have a team who can handle them for you. We will even personalize our services to help reduce the stress you are feeling regarding these signs. Our experts will handle everything for you and ensure that the sign is what you want before we manufacture it.

Liberty Signs, Inc is also dedicated to creating signs that are of high quality and truly reflect your brand. We are excited to help you out with your business goals with our custom-made signs.

Free Signage Consultation

Greenville Sign Company Liberty Signs LogoAt Liberty Signs, Inc, we aim to create signs that you can use effectively to achieve your goals. If your business would benefit greatly from the use of foamcore signs, we can design, manufacture, and install them for you without having to reach out to a third party to handle certain elements of the project.

Our team is always ready to take on your foamcore sign request and personalize our service so we can give you expert advice and support as we make your sign vision a reality.

Call Liberty Signs, Inc at (864) 210-1115 for your Free Consultation with a Greenville Foamcore Sign expert!